Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne

Cool Your Jets

Evaporative cooling has been designed for the Australian climate. It is considered the healthiest form of air-conditioning and one of the most effective.

Evaporative cooling units from First Choice Heating & Cooling is designed to harness a natural process that will provide your home with cool, refreshing air. It works by taking ambient air and pumping it up with water as well as chilling and filtering the air so it gradually lowers the room temperature.

Maintains Humidity & Air Quality

The best way for these systems to work is by using a small amount of air into the room to circulate. This will introduce fresh air into the environment and ensure the air you’re breathing is good quality.

Healthy Home, Healthy Environment

Evaporative Cooling won’t dry out the air, irritate skin, throat or eyes, or affect the environment, which makes it the healthiest way to stay cool.

Along with lower operating costs and simple installation, evaporative cooling can be your eco-friendly alternative to traditional air-conditioning. It also up to 50% cheaper to install and three times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. On top of that, the initial equipment cost is lower than most traditional air-conditioners as well!

We offer our Evaporative Cooling Installation Services in Bayside, Bentleigh, Brighton, Berwick, Caulfield, Carnegie, Camberwell, Cranbourne, Doncaster, Elsternwick, Hampton, Malvern, Mentone, Moorabbin, Oakleigh, Sandringham & surrounds in Melbourne.

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